Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist: Ilona Drew


We are so fortunate to call the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow the home of the Liquorice Tree Gifts shops.  Both cities are full of world-renowned buildings and landmarks, so many of which are right on our doorsteps.  Such an amazing setting is also enjoyed by many artists, who draw inspiration from the historic beauty.

One such artist is Ilona Drew, whose brand I Drew This is best known for its eye-catching Landmarks collection.  Ilona uses vivid colours to depict famous landmarks from across the UK, including some of our favourite Scottish sites.  Her use of colour reimagines well-known buildings and monuments in a whole new way, capturing their shape and details.  Her illustrations are available in the form of prints and greeting cards, both of which can be found on the Liquorice Tree Gifts website and in stores.

We wanted to know where her love of such bold colours came from and which of the Scottish landmarks were her favourite to draw.  Here’s what she had to say…

Edinburgh Castle Capture.JPG

Edinburgh Castle A3 Print – £24.99

Love Of Colour

Ilona fell in love with using vivid colours when she was at college, where she loved to create pieces that were bursting with as much colour as possible.  Any project with a restricted colour palette was her worst nightmare!  This love affair with colour has continued in her work, particularly in the Landmarks collection.


Scott Monument Capture

Scott Monument A3 Print – £24.99


Inspiration For The Landmarks Range

While taking part in an Open House in Brighton, Ilona decided to create something local.  Having always loved the ornate detailing of the Brighton Pavilion, she decided to reimagine it in her own, unique style.  The illustration was so well received that she began to look for other places to draw, and thus the Landmarks range was born.

The range continues to expand to this day and Ilona is frequently adding new, exciting designs.  It has also enjoyed widespread success, winning the Best Art Range at the Henries Awards in 2016.  Ilona loves working on the Landmarks range, as she gets to learn about incredible architecture whilst doing something that she loves.


Forth Bridge Capture

Forth Bridge A3 Print – £24.99


Edinburgh & Glasgow Landmarks

Of all of her Edinburgh-based illustrations, Ilona most enjoyed taking on Edinburgh Castle.  Her use of colour allowed her to capture the natural element of drama that the castle and its location hold.

As for Glasgow, Ilona was particularly struck by Glasgow University’s building.  She was blown away by its size and detailing and has just recently finished illustrating it as a new addition to her Landmarks range.  We’ve just ordered this illustration as cards for the shop because we just love the way that the vibrant colours highlight the scale and complexity of the building!



Glasgow University Card – £2.99

Ilona On Edinburgh & Glasgow

Ilona lives in Brighton but loves to visit Scotland, especially since she has family near Edinburgh.  Each time she visits she always loves the people and the food!

She recently visited Glasgow to work on some new Landmarks illustrations, including the Glasgow University drawing featured above.  She also drew the famous Duke of Wellington statue (below) whilst there, and has just released these two designs!  Ilona plans to continue expanding the Landmarks range and we hope that she will return to Scotland to illustrate even more of our favourite local buildings!


Eilean Donan Castle Capture

Eilean Donan Castle A3 Print – £24.99


If you love Ilona’s art as much as we do, then head over to the Liquorice Tree Gifts website to browse her products.  Each image in this post will link you straight to the print version of the illustration, with the greeting cards also available.  Please note that the prints are sold unframed, and that the images included here and on our website are for illustrative purposes.

Due to practical issues, we unfortunately cannot post the prints, however they are available in store at 29 Cockburn Street, just off of the Royal Mile in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town.  For more information, please get in touch!




Duke Of Wellington Card – £2.99



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