Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Weather Survival Guide


The Scottish weather is famous for its unpredictability.  It’s been known for there to be rain, sun and snow all in the same day!  We understand that airline luggage restrictions can be strict, and that packing for such temperamental weather can be difficult. Thankfully, Liquorice Tree Gifts have all the accessories you need to survive Edinburgh’s ever-changing weather and enjoy the Festival to the fullest.  Our Edinburgh store is conveniently located just off of the Royal Mile, just a minutes walk from the Edfringe Shop.


We all have our fingers crossed for a glorious summer full of sunshine!  After all, Edinburgh in the sun is an incredibly beautiful place, perfect for exploring and relaxing.  The arrival of the Fringe Festival means that beer gardens will open all around the city centre, so enjoying a refreshing gin and tonic in the sun becomes oh-so-tempting!

For the hot weather, certain accessories are essential.  A quality pair of sunglasses are a summer must-have, and the right pair can make any outfit look instantly put-together and chic.  Whether you’re looking for something neutral or statement, we have a great range of fabulous styles, shapes and colours available in store and online.

Here are a few of our favourite pairs, all of which will link you straight to our website for a simplified shopping experience.  Each pair comes with a branded hard storage case and cleaning cloth included to keep your sunnies safe and polished.  A gift bag is also included, if you’d like to give someone the ultimate summer gift!


Bardot Sunglasses Pearl – £26.99


Britt Sunglasses Tortoiseshell – £26.99


Kelly Sunglasses Amethyst – £26.99


Unfortunately, we all need to be prepared for the Edinburgh rain, which can strike at any moment!  Carrying an umbrella at all times is definitely recommended.  Being a shop based in Scotland, we make sure to offer an extensive range of umbrellas to suit all styles and needs.  For those with limited space, a small, collapsible brolly is the perfect choice.  Here are a few of our favourite designs.

Fulton Incognito Polka Dot Navy Umbrella

Polka Dot Print Umbrella – £4.99

Fulton Incognito Scottie Dog Umbrella

Scottie Dog Umbrella – £4.99


For a more substantial umbrella, we love these beautiful brollies!  Each one features a stunning design in vibrant colours, guaranteeing that you’ll never get lost in the crowd! These umbrellas also feature a smooth automatic assembly function with just the press of a button, so you’ll be protected from the rain in no time with minimal hassle.


Gerbera Daisy Folding Umbrella – £29.95

Blooming BrolliesMonet Lillies.jpg

Monet Water Lilies Art Folding Umbrella – £29.95


We hope you have an amazing time at the Fringe Festival, exploring this amazing and historic city! Come and say hello to us at 29 Cockburn Street, just off of the Royal Mile.  A full range of sunglasses, umbrellas and other beautiful accessories are available in store. Alternatively, head over to our website to browse the range and have your favourite products delivered straight to your door.  Each image in this post will link you straight to that item on our website, making your shopping experience as simple as possible.


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