Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist: LucyLovesThis


If you follow us over on our other social media channels then you might have seen us posting about a collection of prints that recently arrived at our Edinburgh and Glasgow stores.  Each print features illustrations of the most famous buildings and landmarks in a particular city, all arranged into the shape of the first letter of it’s name.  We particularly love that Edinburgh and Glasgow are included in the range, since those cities hold a special place in our hearts.

We just can’t get enough of these prints and you guys are loving them too!  We decided to get in touch with their designer, Lucy Stephens (aka LucyLovesThis), to learn the story behind her art.


London Print – £20.00

What is it that you love about type-based designs?

I was a book cover designer for many years before I started this business, so I suppose I’ve always been obsessed with words and type for a long time.  I love using a letter form to communicate in a new way – and I like hiding messages that you have to search for – which is why a lot of my work has lots of intricate detail.


Edinburgh Print – £20.00


What inspired you to create the city letter prints range?

I initially started out doing letters for areas in London, starting with a B for Brixton which was where I was living at the time.  I wanted to create something beautiful for my wall to represent the place that I lived, and it turned out lots of other people wanted one too!

From there I did more letters for friends – and their areas of London – and it just grew organically.  Last year I decided to give myself the challenge of creating an entire alphabet for Britain, and I’ve found over the last year the university towns in particular have been a big hit!

Glasgow. LucyLovesThis.jpg

Glasgow Print – £20.00


How did you choose which landmarks to include in the Edinburgh and Glasgow prints?

My mum’s family are all Scottish- so they helped me to choose the locations that should be featured.


Paris Print – £20.00


Do you have any new, exciting designs in the works?

I always have new designs in the pipeline, and there are a lot of exciting projects happening this year that I’m part of – but I can’t talk about them yet!  I’m also designing new letters, this year I’ll be adding Nottingham, St Andrews, Warwick and Cornwall, as well as a host of new London areas!

New York

New York Print – £20.00

These prints make amazing gifts for travellers and those who love to explore, reminding them of their past adventures or inspiring future trips.  They are also great for resident of the cities, as a reminder of all the rich history and character that surrounds them.

Prints featuring Edinburgh, Glasgow, New York and Paris, as well as a special bespoke Princes Street Gardens print, are all available at  Clicking on the images on this post will take you straight to their page on the website, making browsing oh so simple, or click the link

The prints are also available in store at our Edinburgh and Glasgow gift shops.  Visit us at 29 Cockburn Street in Edinburgh, just off the Royal Mile in the heart of the city’s Old Town.  If you’re in Glasgow, find us in the West End at 431 Great Western Road.

We’d like to thank Lucy Stephens for taking the time to answer our questions.  You can find her on Instagram at @lucylovesthis for all her latest news.

PrincessSt. LucyLovesThis.jpg

Princes Street Gardens Print – £20.00



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