Meet the Artist: LucyLovesThis


If you follow us over on our other social media channels then you might have seen us posting about a collection of prints that recently arrived at our Edinburgh and Glasgow stores.  Each print features illustrations of the most famous buildings and landmarks in a particular city, all arranged into the shape of the first letter of it’s name.  We particularly love that Edinburgh and Glasgow are included in the range, since those cities hold a special place in our hearts.

We just can’t get enough of these prints and you guys are loving them too!  We decided to get in touch with their designer, Lucy Stephens (aka LucyLovesThis), to learn the story behind her art.  Read on to find out why Liquorice Tree Gifts just had to have them!

London Print – £20.00


What is it that you love about type-based designs?

I was a book cover designer for many years before I started this business, so I suppose I’ve always been obsessed with words and type for a long time.  I love using a letter form to communicate in a new way – and I like hiding messages that you have to search for – which is why a lot of my work has lots of intricate detail.

Edinburgh Print – £20.00


What inspired you to create the city letter prints range?

I initially started out doing letters for areas in London, starting with a B for Brixton which was where I was living at the time.  I wanted to create something beautiful for my wall to represent the place that I lived, and it turned out lots of other people wanted one too!

From there I did more letters for friends – and their areas of London – and it just grew organically.  Last year I decided to give myself the challenge of creating an entire alphabet for Britain, and I’ve found over the last year the university towns in particular have been a big hit!

Glasgow. LucyLovesThis.jpg
Glasgow Print – £20.00


How did you choose which landmarks to include in the Edinburgh and Glasgow prints?

My mum’s family are all Scottish- so they helped me to choose the locations that should be featured.

Paris Print – £20.00


Do you have any new, exciting designs in the works?

I always have new designs in the pipeline, and there are a lot of exciting projects happening this year that I’m part of – but I can’t talk about them yet!  I’m also designing new letters, this year I’ll be adding Nottingham, St Andrews, Warwick and Cornwall, as well as a host of new London areas!

New York
New York Print – £20.00

These prints make amazing gifts for travellers and those who love to explore, reminding them of their past adventures or inspiring future trips.  They are also great for resident of the cities, as a reminder of all the rich history and character that surrounds them.

Prints featuring Edinburgh, Glasgow, New York and Paris, as well as a special bespoke Princes Street Gardens print, are all available at  Clicking on the images on this post will take you straight to their page on the website, making browsing oh so simple, or click the link

The prints are also available in store at our Edinburgh and Glasgow gift shops.  Visit us at 29 Cockburn Street in Edinburgh, just off the Royal Mile in the heart of the city’s Old Town.  If you’re in Glasgow, find us in the West End at 431 Great Western Road.

We’d like to thank Lucy Stephens for taking the time to answer our questions.  You can find her on Instagram at @lucylovesthis for all her latest news.

PrincessSt. LucyLovesThis.jpg
Princes Street Gardens Print – £20.00


Music Festival Survival Guide


Summer is here, which means that once again it’s time for crowds of people to gather in fields for a weekend of camping and incredible live music.  Festivals can be a great experience and a lot of fun, particularly because they’re the perfect place to experiment with bolder make up and fashion.

Festivals can also have their challenges, however, as accessing washing facilities can be difficult, and it’s not unusual to be feeling less than fresh by day two.  Thankfully Liquorice Tree Gifts are here to help.  We’ve hand picked our list of essential festival products to help you not just survive the weekend, but to have the best time ever!

Our first favourite is this beautiful festival-inspired bracelet.  Its minimalist design and musical charms make is the perfect festival accessory for layering with other bracelets and your entry wristband.  It also has an adjustable fit, meaning it’s perfect for all wrist sizes.

Festival Gold Bracelet CRBT0005GP.jpg
Festival Adjustable Gold Bangle – £19.00


Festivals are a great place to really experiment with your look, particularly when it comes to make up and body art.  Our top pick are these amazing metallic temporary eye tattoos, which make creating a bold, sparkling look effortless.  Each pack comes with two sheets of transfers, so you can decorate both eyes at once or refresh your look throughout the festival.

metallic eye tattoos.jpg
Metallic Eye Tattoos – £4.99


Another staple of any music festival is henna tattoos.  They’re a great way to get creative and experiment with your look.  If you’re feeling adventurous, have a go at creating some designs yourself.  Part-Time Ink by henna expert Pavan Ahluwalia is a great book to help you practice and perfect your henna skills, taking you all the way through from basic designs to intricate patterns.


part time ink.jpg
Part Time Ink Book – £9.99


If you’d prefer a zero-effort henna look then don’t worry!  This packet of beautiful henna temporary tattoos are easy to apply and long lasting, making them the perfect festival accessory.  The packet includes loads of amazing designs, which can be glammed up even more with the included body glitter.

Glisten Up Henna Tattoos – £3.99


Despite all the glitter and body art, festivals sometimes aren’t the most glamourous places.  Accessing showers can be tricky and a weekend of mud, dancing and tents can leave you feeling far from your freshest.

That’s why these adorable hand sanitisers are a lifesaver!  With 3 deliciously fresh scents to choose from, these mini wonders are ideal for a hygiene boost whenever you need it.  Their slim, lightweight design means that you can keep them in your pocket or a small bag, so you’ll never be without it.  Choose from tropical Coconut, floral Tuberose or fruity Lemon & Mandarin.

Floral Hand Sanitiser Coconut – £2.99
Floral Hand Sanitiser Lemon & Mandarin – £2.99
Floral Hand Sanitiser Tuberose – £2.99


Another must-have festival accessory is a compact mirror.  Unfortunately you can’t take your full-length vanity mirror with you, so a pocket-sized version is the best option for applying your glitter and body art.  We love these fun, colourful options!


Penny Black Panda Compact Mirror – £6.25



POP299A Willow & Rose Pretty In Pink Compact Mirror.jpg
Pretty In Pink Pink Compact Mirror – £4.99


We hope you have an amazing time, whatever festival you’re heading off to this summer!  All the products featured in this post will link you straight to their page on the Liquorice Tree Gifts website, making your planning and packing experience as simple as possible.

If you’re in Glasgow, we’d love a visit!  Find us in the West End at 431 Great Western Road to find a full range of bracelets, mirrors and other festival essentials.  We also have a shop in Edinburgh’s Old Town, just off of the Royal Mile at 29 Cockburn Street.  Happy shopping!

The Summer Jewellery Edit


Summer is well and truly here, bringing with it warmer weather, brighter outfits and bolder accessories.  This is the season to make the most of colour, especially when it comes to jewellery.

Picking the right jewellery to stock in Liquorice Tree Gifts is really important to us, and this season we’ve made sure to include plenty of summery pieces.  Both our costume and cabinet jewellery collections are full of beautiful accessories, with something to suit everyone.  We’ve picked out some of our favourite summer-inspired pieces below to help you introduce elements of the sun-filled season into your wardrobe.


One of our favourite brands for beautiful accessories is Joma Jewellery.  Each bracelet in their ‘A Little’ range features a specific meaning and matching charm, which is accompanied by a short sentimental verse.  The elasticated fit allows them to suit all wrist sizes.  These bracelets are great as a treat for you or a lovely, thoughtful gift, made even more special by the branded gift bag and gift tag included with them.

Our favourite summery pieces from Joma Jewellery are their Daisy Chain, Sunshine and Joy bracelets, featured below.

Joma Jewellery A Little Daisy Chain Bracelet – £19.50
Joma Jewellery A Little Sunshine Bracelet – £18.99



Joma Jewellery A Little Joy Bracelet  – £15.99


Another lovely option for the summer, with a similar sentimental feel, are these beautiful bangles from Chrysalis.  Each bangle features an intricate pair of symbolic charms, inspired by emotion and celebration.  Their blossom and rose bracelets are particularly perfect for the summer.  The minimalist silver and gold bangles are the ultimate in neutral jewellery box staples, while the beaded versions are perfect for adding an injection of colour to your summer outfits.

Roses Bracelet CRBT0012SP
Roses Adjustable Silver Bangle – £19.00



Blossom Gold Bracelet CRBT0010GP
Blossom Adjustable Gold Bangle – £19.00



Watermelon Beads Rose Bracelet CRBE0012WM
Roses Watermelon Quartz Bangle – £29.00

If you’re looking to invest in a special piece of jewellery for yourself or a loved one, our collections of cabinet jewellery are the perfect place to look.

When it comes to bright, beautiful and summer-ready jewellery, we instantly think of Sheila Fleet.  Sheila has become renowned for her distinctive and beautiful jewellery designs, made in her workshop by the sea on the Scottish island of Orkney.  Inspired by the beauty of the coast and nature surrounding her, Sheila Fleet’s ranges are full of life and rich, vibrant colour.

Her Daisies at Dawn collection is particularly perfect for the summer months, with their sunshine yellow centres and brilliant white petals made from stunning enamel.  The collection features a range of necklaces, earrings and bracelets in a variety of styles, so there’s something for everyone.



Sheila Fleet Daisies Small Pendant – £81.00




Sheila Fleet Daisies Stud Earrings – £75.00


Sheila Fleet Daisy Necklet Sunshine – £227.00


This post has given you just a snapshot of our favourite seasonal pieces.  A full range of beautiful, summery jewellery is available in store at Liquorice Tree Gifts, including more pieces from Joma Jewellery, Chrysalis and Sheila Fleet.  We are passionate about our jewellery collections and our friendly staff will be happy to help you pick out the perfect piece.  Visit us in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, just off the Royal Mile, at 29 Cockburn Street, or find our Glasgow store in the West End, at 431 Great Western Road.

Alternatively, head over to to browse a selection of our jewellery ranges and have your favourite pieces delivered directly to your door.

Meet the Maker: Coco Chocolatier

Coco Blog Banner.jpg

We love chocolate!  We also love stocking products from local producers, and these two passions combine with Coco Chocolatier.  Based in Edinburgh, Coco produce delicious, artisan chocolate in a variety of innovative and exciting flavours. With a range of milk, dark and white flavours to choose from, Coco Chocolatier only make 100% organic products.  Wrapped in beautifully designed packaging, their chocolate is a luxurious treat from start to finish.

With so many intriguing flavours on offer, we wanted to know what inspires such delicious creations.  We contacted Coco to find out!

Dark Chocolate Gin & Tonic – £4.99

How do you come up with the ideas for exciting new flavours?

We listen to music and chat about life and food. Things just come up spontaneously. Then we move the best idea to the experimental phase when we start mixing ingredients together and sampling chocolates. The other way is to have a general idea, let’s say ‘Best of British’, then we think what we imagine as the most iconic flavours within that theme. Brain is buzzing: key lime pie, apple crumble, gin & tonic, and that’s how ideas are born.

Artisan Roast Espresso Dark Chocolate – £4.99

What is your favourite part of the chocolate making process?
(Ours would definitely be the taste testing!)

Well, that is a pretty good part! Having a creative spell over a marble slab makes us feel alive. I think that developing new flavours is the most exciting part of the job. And that is the part when you get to taste what you’ve made!

Raspberry & Vanilla Bean White Chocolate Bar – £4.99

Do you have one or two favourite flavours/products from your range?

My favourite treats are the Hazelnut & Isle of Skye Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar and the Passion Fruit Truffles. It is really dangerous to be making them! At the moment we are developing 12 new chocolate bar flavours and I definitely have my favourites in the development phase. It’s top secret so I cannot say anything more just yet. Watch this space!

Hazelnut & Isle of Skye Sea Salt Milk Chocolate – £4.99

Your chocolate is organic, mostly gluten-free and largely vegan: how
important are these traits to your process, products and ethos as a

We are constantly trying to move towards more conscious and more ethically made chocolate. That’s why we only work with single origin beans. Chocolate farming can bring huge changes to whole communities and we would love to invite positive changes with our work.

Haggis Spice Dark Chocolate – £4.99

Do you have any new products in the works right now that you could
tell us more about?

We are working on a range of delicious small chocolate bars wrapped in beautiful designs. Sometimes you want to satisfy your cravings and have just a bite of luxuriously smooth and flavoursome chocolate. Our new small bars will hopefully be launched this summer. You only ever need a little bit of a really good chocolate! That’s why it’s so healthy!

Date & Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar – £4.99

To sample any of these amazing flavours, simply click on the bar of your choice from this post and you’ll be taken straight to the Liquorice Tree website: we’ll deliver your chocolate treats directly to your door!  Alternatively, visit us in store at 29 Cockburn Street in the Old Town of Edinburgh or at 431 Great Western Road in Glasgow.  Our staff will be happy to help you pick out a flavour suited to your taste.

A huge thank you to Coco Chocolatier for collaborating with us on this post!  To see all the latest from them, make sure to follow them over at @cocochocolatier on Instagram. Happy snacking!

Caramel Hazelnut & Isle of Skye Sea Salt Milk Chocolate – £4.99

Jet, Set, Go: Our Travel Essentials Guide

Holiday Banner 1.jpg

Summer is finally here and holidays are just around the corner!  To make sure that everything goes smoothly, it’s best to ensure that you’re totally prepared.  We’ve put together this handy 3 step guide to help you plan for your best holiday ever!  Whether you’re jetting off to a beach resort or heading off for a city break, it’s always best done in style.

Step 1: Packing

Good packing is the foundation of a great holiday.  Making sure that you have all of the essentials can give you the peace of mind you need to relax and travel stress-free.  One must-have product is mini toiletries.  Not only do they save you loads of space in your suitcase and avoid the 100ml hand luggage restriction, they’re also a great chance to try out some new indulgent products.  We love the tropical scent of Scottish Fine Soaps’s luxurious coconut and lime range, which is just perfect for a sun-filled summer. Their products are available in this beautiful gift set, perfect for covering all of your holiday pampering needs.

Coconut & Lime Gift Set
Coconut & Lime Luxurious Gift Set – £13.99

Now that the toiletries are sorted, you need a cute wash bag to store them in.  It’s easy to get carried away when packing beauty products for a holiday, so a big bag for them is an essential.  We love this fun Jet Lag design, which is the perfect size for holidays.  Created with travel in mind, the bag has a zip-up inner pocket and a roomy main compartment for all of your travel products.  We particularly love the adorable, patterned navy lining!

Jet Lag Wash Bag – £14.99

If your beauty products have their own storage, why doesn’t your jewellery?  The perfect necklace or pair of earrings can complete an outfit, and your holiday wardrobe shouldn’t miss out.  Packing a travel jewellery box means that you can take all of your favourite bling away with you and rest assured that it’s going to stay safe and untangled, no matter how rough they are at baggage reclaim!  These mini jewellery storage boxes are portable and the perfect size for suitcases.  They even come in 3 gorgeous colours, with each one having a different saying embossed in gold lettering on the lid!

GB00368 Willow & Rose Teal Precious Jewellery Box Zoom
Teal Precious Jewellery Box – £10.99

GB00369 Willow & Rose Navy Pretty Little Things Jewellery Box
Navy Pretty Little Things Jewellery Box – £10.99

GB00367 Willow & Rose Fuschia Sparkle Jewellery Box
Fuchsia Sparkle Jewellery Box  – £10.99

Step 2: Travelling

The hussle and bussle of an airport can be quite overwhelming and for some people travelling can be really daunting.  The key to an effortless airport experience is preparation and organisation, and we’ve discovered some handy products that help keep you on track.  Having all of your travel documents organised can save time and stress, and we just love these gorgeous travel wallets: your passport has never looked prettier!

Jet Set Go Passport Holder Pale Blue – £14.99

Taa Daa Jet Setter Travel Wallet – £34.99

Travel Wallet In Box – £26.99

With your travel documents securely stored, it’s time to make sure that your luggage is safe too.  Luggage tags are a great way to make sure that your case can always get back to you if it goes missing, giving you some peace of mind.  It also helps it to stand out from the crowd on the baggage reclaim belt and is great for personalising your luggage.  These adorable heart shaped tags are our top pick!

Jet Set Go Heart Luggage Tag Black – £12.99

Jet Set Go Heart Luggage Tag Blue – £12.99

Step 3: Enjoy

The plane has landed and you’ve arrived: it’s time to start having fun!  Wherever you’re headed, we hope you have an amazing holiday.  To plan for a summer to remember, simply click on any of the products in this post to be taken to the Liquorice Tree Gifts website.  There you can find a full range of fabulous summer accessories and products. You can also visit our stores at 29 Cockburn Street in the centre of Edinburgh or at 431 Great Western Road in Glasgow.  Happy holidays!

Holiday Banner 2.jpg

Meet the Artist: Hannah Longmuir

Hannah Banner 1.jpg

Here at Liquorice Tree Gifts we are always on the look out for amazing new suppliers, to make sure that our stores are full of the best possible products.  We love to discover and support local producers and artists who are bursting with talent and create designs and products that we know our customers will love!

At a recent trade fair we discovered artist Hannah Longmuir, who works mainly with pencil to create beautiful illustrations of the countryside and its inhabitants.  We particularly love the way she captures detail and enhances her pencil work with watercolour.  Her designs are available in the form of cards, prints and a range of stationery products.  We caught up with Hannah to ask her a few questions all about her inspiration, process and her plans for exciting future projects.


Little Leveret Print – £15.99


Hannah lives in the Scottish Borders and is continually inspired by the details of the countryside all around her, such as the fields, hedgerows and woodlands.  Since she was a little girl she has had a passion for the area and for drawing the things that she would collect on outdoor adventures.  Now as an adult, Hannah continues to look for new places to explore and subjects to capture on her daily walks with her dog.  She loves to learn about wildlife and nature and uses these studies to enhance her art projects.  For Hannah, the aim of her work is to capture and “reflect on how being outdoors makes you feel – the peacefulness and sense of wonder that comes from feeling connected to the countryside”.

Toby The Border Terrier Print – £15.99

Toby the Terrier

One of our favourite illustrations by Hannah is the charming portrait of Toby the Border Terrier (above).  We love his adorable, scruffy features which are captured so excellently by her drawing style.  We wanted to know more about the puppy who inspired the print!  Hannah revealed that Toby was originally drawn as a commission piece for a lady to give as a gift to her husband.  She loves to draw dogs because working out how to capture their unique character and features is always a fun challenge.  She particularly enjoyed the passion of Toby’s owner about the Border Terrier breed, and really loved illustrating Toby’s “fluffy face and exuberant eyebrows”.


The Bird Feeder Print – £15.99

Edinburgh & Glasgow

It wouldn’t be a Liquorice Tree Gifts blog post without asking Hannah what she loves about our two favourite cities!  With our stores situated in Edinburgh’s Old Town and Glasgow’s West End, a lot of our customers are looking for new places to explore and hidden gems to discover.

Hannah was a student in Edinburgh and so has a knowledge and special love for the city.  She enjoys wandering round the city, particularly “the little winding streets like Cockburn Street”, which just so happens to be our favourite too!  Even in the city wildlife can be found, such as urban foxes and funny pigeons.  Although she is less familiar with Glasgow, Hannah loves to make the most of its shops, as well as visiting as many of the amazing restaurants as possible!  Sushi is a definite favourite.


Gathering To Go Print – £15.99

Future Sneak Peaks

Looking ahead to the future, Hannah is working on some exciting new projects which we wanted to know all about!  She is currently finalising her 2018 calendar, which will feature seasonal wildlife drawings and handwritten notes, acting as a month-by-month guide to the ever-changing Scottish countryside.

She is also developing a new range of cards which will be a tribute to her parents, who loved to spend their time gardening.  Speaking about this new range, she is “hoping the cards will be little glimpses into a secret garden: the flowers and perfumes and wildlife”.  These are sure to be beautiful, so definitely watch this space!

List Pad Bees1.jpg
List Pad: Bees – £4.99
We have truly fallen in love with the Hannah Longmuir brand.  Make sure to visit us online at or in store to see a beautiful selection of prints, cards and stationery, including those featured in this post and many more.  We especially love the bumble bee weekly planner and list pad (above), which would make great gifts for people who love to stay organised.

Another beautifully inspired product are Hannah’s pop-up butterfly greeting cards, which are available in Small White and European Admiral designs (below).  We’d like to say a huge thank you to Hannah Longmuir for taking the time to give us an insight into her beautiful designs.  Make sure to follow her at @hannnahlongmuirartist on Instagram for all the latest news!

Pop-Up Butterfly Card Peacock – £4.75

Graduation Gifting Made Easy

GRADBANNER..needs turned sorry.jpg

Graduations are beginning again!  After years of stressful exams and essay deadlines, another group of students are finally receiving their hard-earned diplomas.  Such a special milestone deserves to be celebrated!  Graduation day wouldn’t be complete without plenty of bubbly, a mortarboard and gown or the perfect card and gift.

Liquorice Tree Gifts have an amazing selection of graduation gift ideas, from the traditional to the quirky.  We know just how proud you are and are here to help you find the perfect card and gift to let your loved one know.  Each product featured in this post will link you straight to our website, making your shopping experience as simple as possible.



We carefully curate our card collections to make sure that we have something to suit everyone.  If you’d like a more traditional graduation card, these are the perfect picks for you!


Congratulations On Your Graduation Card – £3.50
Graduation Definition Card – £2.99

Congratulations Mortar Board Card – £2.75

For a more colourful take of the traditional graduation card, these options offer plenty of spirit and sparkle.


Woo Hoo You Did It Card  – £2.99


Congratulations Graduation Blue Star Card- £2.75
OFP099 Smart Cookie.jpg
Congratulations Smart Cookie Card – £2.50

For more amazing cards, head over to the Liquorice Tree website, or see our full range in store.  Find us in the centre of Edinburgh on Cockburn Street and on Great Western Road in the west end of Glasgow.



If you’re looking for the perfect gift for you graduate, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite products.  Things like stationery and jewellery are a great way to give practical gifts that can be used and treasured as a reminder of this special milestone.

Jewellery is always a special gift and we love these sentimental and personalised bracelets from Joma Jewellery.  Each bracelet has a charm suited to a special occasion and comes presented on a card with a lovely little verse printed on it.  The bracelet also comes with a gift bag and gift tag included, making them a really special gift for a new graduate.  Here are some of our favourites.

Joma Jewellery A Little Graduation Bracelet – £15.99
Joma Jewellery A Little Key To Success Bracelet – £15.99
Joma Jewellery A Little Proud Of You Bracelet – £16.50
Joma Jewellery A Little Congratulations Star Bracelet – £16.9
Joma Jewellery A Little World Is Your Oyster – £18.50

For a more luxurious jewellery gift, these Kit Heath necklaces are perfect.  Featuring stunningly detailed key charms, these necklaces are the perfect symbol of future success for a new graduate.  Each necklace comes in a branded jewellery box and has a gift bag included.


fortune key
Kit Heath Fortune Rose Gold Key Necklace 18 Inches – £45.00
Kit Heath Fortune Silver Key Necklace 18 Inches- £35.00
rose gold plated fortune key
Kit Heath Rose Gold Plated Fortune Key Necklace 18 Inches – £67.50

If you’re looking for the perfect stationery gift, have a look at these amazing picks.  For a smaller gift, we love these beautiful notebooks.  Complete with inspiring and sentimental covers, these special notebooks are ready to be filled with aspirations and plans for the future.

Marvellous Moments Black Notebook – £14.99
Little Book Of Plans and Schemes Notebook – £5.99

For a more luxurious stationery gift, a quality pen is a must.  A beautiful, boxed pen is something that a new graduate can use and treasure for years to come.  These picks are a few of our favourites, with choices for both him and her.




Duchess Pen Black – £23.99


Duchess Pen Nude – £23.99
Dalvey Blue Ballpoint Pen – £86.50

For a really unique graduation gift, break the mould with these gorgeous pouches from Katie Loxton.  Perfect for using as a clutch bag on a night out or a make up bag, these pretty pouches feature lovely sentimental sayings.  The choices below are especially relevant for a new graduate, with motivational and inspirational words perfect for someone looking to the future.  Each pouch comes with a branded Katie Loxton gift bag included, adding a luxurious finishing touch to a lovely gift.

Katie Loxton Adventure Awaits Metallic Aqua Pouch – £15.99
Katie Loxton The Perfect Pouch Rose Gold Be Brilliant – £16.99

Katie Loxton The Perfect Pouch Metallic Watermelon Imagine And Inspire £16.99


These amazing products are just a few of the graduation gifts available at Liquorice Tree Gifts.  To see more, visit and check out the Graduation Gifts section, or visit us in store at 29 Cockburn Street in Edinburgh or 431 Great Western Road in Glasgow.  Our staff will be happy to help you pick out the perfect gift and card for your loved one for their special graduation day.